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CB 80043
CB 80043
Direction: Chemnitz Technopark
Restriction for travel to Germany
Due to official orders from the federal authorities of German Authority, train service from and to Germany is temporarily restricted.
Information about timetable information and opening of border is available at Scotty mobil, FAQ and at ÖBB Customer Service +43-5-1717.
For further information on entry requirements please follow the link of the German Federal Police.

German Federal Police


  Station Arrival Departure Train
Mittweida   08:00 CB 80043
Altmittweida 08:02 08:03  
Ottendorf(Mittweida) 08:06 08:07  
Oberlichtenau 08:10 08:10  
Chemnitz Kinderwaldstätte 08:13 08:13  
Chemnitz Hbf 08:19 08:21  
Chemnitz Hbf (Bahnhofstraße) 08:23 08:23  
Chemnitz Theaterplatz 08:24 08:24  
Chemnitz Roter Turm 08:26 08:26  
Chemnitz Zentralhaltestelle 08:28 08:29  
Chemnitz Annenstraße 08:31 08:31  
Chemnitz Bernsbachplatz 08:32 08:32  
Start of your connection -> entry Chemnitz Stadlerplatz 08:35 08:35  
Chemnitz Rosenbergstraße 08:36 08:36  
Chemnitz TU Campus 08:37 08:37  
Chemnitz Technopark 08:40    
Days of operation:
Mittweida --> Chemnitz Hbf: runs daily, not 23. Apr until 2. May 2020, 26. May
Chemnitz Hbf --> Chemnitz Technopark: runs daily, not 26. May
City-Bahn Chemnitz,
Number of bicycles conveyed limited
2nd class only
no bicycle transport charges
Behindertengerechtes Fahrzeug
Travel information available only for the period from 01.04.2020 to 12.12.2020.
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